Three professional gamblers who have made it big in Vegas

People often say that the big casinos in Las Vegas don’t let people win. But the truth is that people do win big amounts of money here. According to statistics, those who play on high-limit machines earn larger payouts. Here are three professional gamblers who have won a significant sum of money in Las Vegas.

1. Edward Thorp

He was the first person to make people believe that the blackjack system is beatable. He was a math professor and had a master’s in physics. He was excellent at probability and correlation theorems.

His friend Claude Shannon brought him to Las Vegas in the 60s, before that time he was oblivious to the game. He started playing blackjack and scrutinized every fact of it in an organized manner. When he and his friend went to casinos, they made $700K in a weekend. No one knew about the card-counting concept. As he was consistently winning, the casino thought that he was cheating. They watched his videotapes over and over again but couldn’t find any clue of cheating. Some asked him to leave as they knew he was going to win. He wrote the book ‘Beat the Dealer’ in 1962 which was immensely popular. Now he is involved in the stock market and makes huge money every day. His name is included in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

2. Richard Marcus

He started betting on horses at a very early stage of his life and later became a gambler. He drove to Las Vegas to try his luck at an age when he was not eligible to play in the casinos. He started working in casinos. There he met a professional gambler called Classon and joined his team of professional gamblers. They trained him on different methods of Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette. He became a master of post-posted bets. He had made more than $5 million before the casinos found out about the trick he used to win.

3. Louis Colavecchio

He made many slot machine coins of different casinos with hardened steel. He duplicated the coins just like the real coins, and it was almost impossible to differentiate between the two. He used metals like Zinc, Nickel, and Copper with laser and made them into perfect round shapes. He earned between $100K to $500K gambling.

These gamblers have proved that gambling is purely not luck, and you can make money in casinos. It’s time you try your luck now!